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            Talent recruitment

            In the 21st century, talents are precious resources. Today's enterprise competition, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents. What kind of talent concept and what kind of people to use are related to the success or failure of the enterprise. Our standard of employment is to use people who are capable, farsighted, innovative and enterprising. Our competition mechanism is: job rotation system, where the competent are superior, the mediocre are inferior.

            We adhere to fair and benign competition mechanism, provide a broad development platform for every talent, provide competitive salaries and benefits for employees, and have perfect training institutions and rich amateur activities. Let us make continuous progress in the challenging working environment, grow together with the enterprise, and realize your life value.

            Wuzhu technology adheres to the common development of enterprises and employees. The talent strategy is embodied in the following aspects:
            1、 Establish talent echelon to ensure that employees have sufficient ability to be competent for their own work.
            2、 Help employees establish career planning.
            3、 While focusing on the performance of employees, the company also pays attention to the improvement of employees' personal ability. The company insists on taking personal performance as the core of measuring personal performance, and strives to provide various supports for employees to improve their personal ability, including the training provided by the company and the support for individuals to improve their own skills.
            4、 The company pays attention to the personal work performance of employees, at the same time, it conducts continuous investigation on employee engagement, explores all kinds of needs of employees, and carries out targeted improvement activities based on this, making continuous efforts to a harmonious employee relationship.
            5、 The company provides two channels for employees' personal development: Technology sequence and management sequence.
            ◆ The technical sequence is for employees to study in accordance with their personal acteristics and hobbies and become expert talents in this field;
            ◆ Based on the uation of personal acteristics, the management sequence is to train the personnel with management ability and change them to the role of manager.

            Company treatment

            Company benefits

            1. Seniority award: 50 yuan / month for one year, 100 yuan / month for two years, and 150 yuan / month for three years;

            2. Meals: Provide a variety of dining options such as self-service, noodles and pastries, and the company subsidizes 300 yuan / month;

            3. Accommodation: Accommodation is provided free of ge, water level booth, dormitory has air conditioning, independent bathroom balcony, hot water is provided on each floor;

            4. Annual leave: 5 days of paid annual leave after working for one year;

            5. Five insurances and one gold: Purchasing five insurances and one gold according to relevant regulations of Dongguan.

            Contact information

            Contact: Miss Li, Mr Wang
            Address:Block A, AD1 Zone, Economic Development Zone, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province

            Getting there

            City transportation: the city can take the 8, 12, 15 bus can be reached




            corporate culture

            • Quality policy

              Become a high-quality preferred supplier in the electronics industry

            • Corporate philosophy

              High-quality and efficient, united and dedicated, responsible and hard-work

            • Brand strategy

              Establish brand, brand, drive brand with brand

            • Enterprise spirit

              Quality, Brand, Specialty, Dedication

            social responsibility

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